The Best Jet Ski Tour in Fuerteventura!!


Get ready for a unique aquatic adventure in Fuerteventura! Hop on a jet ski, and let me tell you how we’ll ride the crystal-clear turquoise waters like true explorers. With the roar of the engine, speeding over the waves, and jumping like dolphins will be the norm. We’ll pass by cliffs, secret coves, and golden beaches, turning the Atlantic into our playground. If you’re seeking thrills, this jet ski tour offers fun and action galore. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner; our guides will give you a quick lesson before you hit the water. So, grab your swimsuit because, on this tour, Fuerteventura is our playground, and the sea is our track. We’ll roar in the Atlantic and create unforgettable memories!

The best day of your vacation awaits!

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You can choose from our 10 jet ski tours!

We have a wide range of Jet Ski tours that adapt to the needs of all clients, from novices to experts.
We can also adapt a tour just for you!!.


Orbit Tour: New to this? No problem! Learn to master the jet ski while we entertain and guide you every step of the way. Feel the excitement from the get-go!


Action Tour: Fun is even better when shared. Join other water lovers and discover Fuerteventura’s wonders together. Laughter and waves guaranteed!


Alba Tour: Wake up with the sun and witness the magic of a sunrise over the ocean. An early morning journey filled with serenity and energy to start the day with a bang!


Sunset Tour: The island comes alive with the warm hues of sunset. Sail at twilight, feel the breeze, and admire the colors painting the horizon. An experience that will take your breath away.


Expedition Tour: Combine fun and exploration on a half-day tour. Discover hidden beaches, sea caves, and more. The best way to make the most of your day!


Litoral Tour: You set the pace and the path. With our personalized tour, we offer you an adventure tailored to you. VIP adventure at full throttle!


Explore Tour: For extreme thrill-seekers. A full day of adrenaline and natural beauty at your disposal. Get ready for a unique and electrifying experience!


Challenge Tour: Ready for an epic aquatic challenge? Navigate between islands on this long and thrilling tour, designed for the brave. Conquer the waves and the ocean while creating unforgettable memories. Dare to live the adventure to the fullest!


Tour Utopía: Immerse yourself in an aquatic paradise with the long Utopía tour. Explore islands, beaches, and hidden secrets in crystal-clear waters. A dreamlike experience designed exclusively for you. Embark on the aquatic utopia you’ve always wished for!


Tour Dreamers: Ready for a journey that challenges the imagination? The long Soñadores tour takes you through islands and endless horizons. Let the breeze carry you away as you turn your dreams into reality in a sea of personalized adventures. Your dream voyage begins here!

Enjoy the best jet ski Safari in Fuerteventura!

Our fleet of brand-new and perfectly maintained jet skis guarantees you an exciting and safe experience. Feel the power under your hands as you explore the turquoise waters. Our local guides, experienced and knowledgeable about the sea, will accompany you on every journey, ensuring not only your safety but also an adventure filled with insights into the hidden secrets of the coast! Dive into worry-free fun, knowing that you’re in expert hands as you dive into the thrilling freedom of the ocean.

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